ΦFlow Web Interface


ΦFlow provides an interactive web interface that can display 1D, 2D and 3D data. This GUI uses Dash to host a website on a local port. Opening the website remotely may require port forwarding, e.g. via SSH.

The Dash GUI is the default user interface for python modules, i.e. when running a .py file as the main module. It can be specifically selected by setting gui='dash' in view() or show().

Tabs & Features

The web interface consists of multiple tabs (web pages) which can be accessed at the upper left corner of each page.

Tips & Tricks:

Frame Rate and Refresh Rate

The web interface provides a Refresh rate control above the field viewer. This value describes how often the diagrams in the browser are updated. It is independent of the framerate specified in view() which defines how quickly the user code is executed.


The show method supports additional keyword arguments to configure how the App contents are displayed.

The display parameter defines which fields are displayed initially, e.g. display='Density' or display=('Density', 'Velocity').

Further configuration parameters

Parameter Description Default
external_web_server Whether an external tool is used to host the Dash server. If False, launches a new web server. False
arrow_origin Which part of the arrow is centered at the position of the field. One of ‘base’, ‘center’, ‘tip’. ‘tip’
max_arrow_resolution Downscale grids to have no more than resolution**2 cells before drawing arrows. 40
min_arrow_length Fraction of figure size. Smaller arrows are not drawn. 0.005
max_arrows Maximum number of arrows to draw. Arrows are sorted by length. 2000
draw_full_arrows Whether to draw the tips of arrows. If False, draws arrows as lines. False
colormap Built-in: ‘viridisx’, ‘OrWhBl’. Additional colormaps can be used if matplotlib is installed. ‘viridisx’
slow_colorbar If True, keeps colorbar similar to previous frame if possible. False