Console Interface

The console interface enables interaction with Python scripts through the command line.

Launch via gui='console' in view() or show().

The console interface runs on a different thread than the main Python script.


Multiple commands can be chained using ; to separate them.

Actions are registered as new commands. E.g. if an action my_function() is

General Commands

help Prints available commands.

status Prints the current status.

controls Prints a list of available controls and their values.

actions Prints a list of available actions.


show Plots the first two fields.

show <fields>

show <field>.<component> where <component> must be one of x, y, z, abs

Control Execution

play Runs all loop iterations until paused.

play <frames> Runs a certain number of iterations. Has no effect if already playing.

pause Pauses loop execution after the current iteration finishes.

step Progresses the loop by one iteration.

<control_name> = <value> Sets a control value.

exit Finishes the current loop iteration and exits the program.

kill Immediately stops the Python process.